Grill Master David Varcardipone

David comes from a Sicilian family where food is at the center of everything.

​David has more than 25 years’ experience in law enforcement. Serving as a uniformed field training officer, investigator, manager, Trainer for critical response teams and a community relations officer. David has received world recognition (Herman Goldstein Award) for his analytical approach toward crime issues within communities. David was the first officer in the United States to successfully open a community based house lead by community members trained in community policing.

David has published articles for the Community Policing Consortium on this subject matter and was featured in several magazine and newspaper articles. David was on the development committee for the curfew sweep enforcement program. The program was designed to provide a systemic approach utilizing social services for teen violators to keep them out of the judicial system. David was appointed to the California State Youth Authority by Governor Grey Davis for his youth programs.

David is a subject matter expert in strategies, policies and procedures and base line measurements on cost and security developments. David teaches terrorist awareness to local law enforcement and as a Coast Guard Reservist understands the significance in technology based policing for evidentiary issuing at the judicial level. David has an active relationship with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies along with the Department Of Homeland Security.

About Us

DAVID BIBER, also known as Nick Danger, retired from the computer industry in 1999 at the age of 46. He watched movies and salt water fished for two years. He teamed with a former neighbor to stage two “Iron Chef” style block parties and his telephone never stopped ringing. Two Guys Grilling was born! Shortly after that he bought out his co-founder and assumed the helm solo. Since 2001, Two Guys Grilling has participated in raising approximately $30,000,000 for charitable interests.
David/Nick specializes in Eatertainment, live, and on screen. He has been a Guest Chef on many popular series. From KCBS BBQ Competition presentations, to Corporate Demonstrations, he has performed in front of live audiences as large as 2,000. David has also authored a cookbook for a prominent Grill Manufacturer. He actively participates with charitable organizations such as St. Jude's, America's Baby Cancer Foundation, VSSN, Cops 4 Causes, Gallant Few, The Vet Hunter Project, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Fueled by the Fallen, Semper Fi, and Habitat For Humanity.  David recently stepped down as a Public Affairs Director at the DoD.  In his spare time, David Biber is a Certified BBQ Judge for the Kansas City BBQ Society. He has appeared on more than twenty television shows and has several movie credits.

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